Egypt to Organize 1st Space-Up Competition in 2020


BeritaDEKHOCEO of the Egyptian Space Agency Mohamed al-Qousy said on Wednesday that the agency will organize a competition in January 2020 for the first Egyptian ascent to space.

Qousy’s speech came during his meeting with the Education and Scientific Research Committee of the House of Representatives held in the New Administrative Capital. (more)

Qousi said that the 6-year competition includes two stages: The first stage sets the required qualifications according to the global standards and takes 2 years. The second stage aims to train the contestants on living inside the International Space Station. Youths of both sexes can apply to this competition.

During the meeting, another official at the agency added that psychological, physical and mental tests are the first step for selection. It is expected, according to the officials, that the training will qualify two young people in the final stage to travel to space.

Qousi also pointed out that the competition tests will be developed by global bodies. "This will contribute to the spread of space culture the in society," he added.

The Egyptian Space Agency aims to create, transfer, localize and develop space science and technology and possess the own capabilities to build satellites and launch them from Egyptian lands to serve the country's strategy in the areas of development and achieving national security.

Funding resources for the agency include the credits that the state allocates to the agency, loans and grants that are held for the benefit of the agency, donations and subsidies accepted by the agency's board of directors in exchange for works and services performed by the agency. (adm)

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