Indonesia's School Ship KRI Bima Suci

BeritaDEKHO - KRI Bima Suci is clearly bigger than her predecessor (KRI Dewaruci) wirh an overall lenght of 111.20 meters, a beam of 13.65 meters, and a heighth of 49 meters counting from the ship's deck.

The ship has 26 sails that reach a total surface of 3,352 sq meters while the main dock is at 9.2 meters over sea level.

KRI Bima Suci is in effect a modern ship equipped with a series of extremely sofisticated navigation and commnication tools and with a reverse osmosis water supply.

The journey back home started on the 18th of September with a crew formed by 119 cadets and the arrival to Surabaya (Indonesia) is scheduled for the 24th of November 2017. (source/adm)

Nb. Yuk gabung IICH dan IMECH 
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