Nusantara Foundation: You're invited!

BeritaDEKHO -  Paris tragic event reminds us all to be more aware of all and every thing around us. We must continue our dialogue in order to understand one another's faiths and cultures, so that we can build mutual understanding and cooperation based on mutual compassion and common interests.

For that purpose Nusantara Foundation based in New York invites our non Muslim friends willing to know about Islam to join its discussion forum as the flyer indicates.

Is Islam ISIS and vice versa? What Chaliphate ISIS talks about? Are their ideas and religious interpretations in line with traditional Islamic interpretation?

What Jihad is? Does jihad mean holy war? Suicide bombing? Killing innocent civilians? How Islam views war?

Who Muhammad is? Did he preach violent teachings? How did he engage non Muslim communities both in Mekkah and Madinah?

What do Muslims believe? What it the Quran? Does Islam command Muslims to force others to convert?

Come and join our free and open discussion, but in a very friendly environment!

Hope to see you friends!   (rilis)
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